from Garden ponds to small Lakes

Here at Denchworth Ponds we are fully equipped to clean your body of water by fitered vacuum suction.
For your Garden Pond we use the Pondovac range of Pond Vacuum Cleaners (see Pond 1) to filter the algae, debris and sediment. For your Village Pond or private Lake we employ the Selwood S150 Pump (Pond 6), capable of processing very large flows and filtering vegetation, detritus and sludge from the water.
We can further advise you on all matters concerning Fish Health and Water Quality treatments.
We also stock Pondovacs for private sale. See our Sales:Equipment pages for Pondovacs, Pumps, Filters and UV Clarifiers at the cheapest rates outside of Trade.

Click on one of these images of newly cleaned Ponds, Culverts or private Lakes to see our Cleaning Processes in greater detail.garden pond cleaning 1garden pond cleaning 2garden pond cleaning 3garden pond cleaning 4

garden pond cleaning 5garden pond cleaning 6pond cleaning oxfordgarden pond cleaning 8

















Pond Cleaning 1: Two Ponds in the grounds of this Country House. Here we are employing a Pondovac 4 which vacuums and filters the sludge from the pond water.pond cleaning oxfordshire 1 pond cleaning oxfordshire 2pond cleaning oxfordshire 3pond cleaning oxfordshire 4pond cleaning oxfordshire 5pond cleaning oxfordshire 6






Pond Cleaning 2:

clean ponds oxfordshire 7 pond cleaning oxfordshire 8 pond cleaning oxfordshire 9pond cleaning oxfordshire 10pond cleaning oxfordshire 11pond cleaning oxfordshire 12pond cleaning oxfordshire 13





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Pond Cleaning 3: Click any image to enlarge, Click inside enlarged image for 'prev' and 'next' optionspond cleaning oxfordshire 14 pond cleaning oxfordshire 15 pond cleaning oxfordshire 16 pond cleaning oxfordshire 17







Pond Cleaning 4cleaning garden ponds oxford 2clean garden pond oxford 2clean garden pond oxford 3clean garden pond oxford 4clean garden pond oxford 5clean garden pond 6clean garden pond oxford 7




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Pond Cleaning 5: Click inside any image for enlarged view, click inside large view for 'prev' and 'next' optionsdredge lake oxfordshire 1dredge lake oxfordshire 2dredge lake oxfordshire 3dredge lake oxfordshire 4

Pond Cleaning 6dredge lake oxfordshire 5dredge lake oxfordshire 6dredge pond oxfordshire 7dredge lake oxfordshire 4dredge lake oxfordshire 9dredge lake oxfordshire 10

dredge pond oxfordshire 2dredge pond oxfordshire 3dredge pond oxfordshire 3dredge pond oxfordshire 4dredge pond oxfordshire 5dredge pond oxfordshire 6








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Pond Cleaning 7:This is the Denchworth ponds Home Pond, getting a little loving attention.garden pond cleaning oxford garden pond cleaning oxford 2 garden pond cleaning oxford 3 garden pond cleaning oxford 4








Pond 8: We provide the holding tanks for your Fishcleaning garden ponds 1 cleaning garden ponds oxford 2




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