Here at Denchworth Pond & Garden Services it is both our Purpose and our Pleasure to design and build for you your ideal Pond, whether your Pond is to enhance the peace and tranquility of your English Garden, to breed koi or even for agricultural irrigation -We will work precisely to your specifications, under the consel of our expert practical knowledge.

This page focusses on photographic records of some of the Ponds that we have built. Clicking on any of the images immediately below will take you to the project set of photos for that Pond, showing you the 'before' state, the many intermediate stages of construction, and more views of the completed Pond.

pond construction oxfordshire 12ponds oxfordshire 2ponds oxfordshire 3

design garden pond 04ponds oxfordshire 5 ponds oxfordshire 6 ponds oxfordshire 7

ponds oxfordshire 8 ponds oxfordshire 9 ponds oxfordshire 10 ponds oxfordshire 11



Pond 1: Two Ponds connected by a brook, with three waterfalls and a footbridge. Click any image to enlarge. Click large image for 'prev' and 'next'

pond construction 1_1 pond construction 1_2 pond construction 1_3 pond construction 1_4 pond construction 1_5 pond construction 1_6

pond construction 1_7 pond construction 1_8 pond construction 1_9 pond construction 1_10pond construction 1_11

Pond 2: Garden Pond with waterfall, replace patio and path, rebuild garden walls. Click any image to enlarge, then 'prev' and 'next' to cycle.

ponds built oxford 1 ponds built oxford 2 ponds built oxford 3 ponds built oxford 4 ponds built oxford 5

ponds built oxford 6

ponds built oxford 7 ponds built oxford 8 ponds built oxford 9 ponds built oxford 10


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Pond 3: A tranquil secluded Pond in the grounds of a Country House. Click any image to enlarge. Click inside large image for 'prev' and 'next' options.build garden pond oxford 1 build garden pond oxford 2 build garden pond oxford 3 build garden pond oxford 4 build garden pond oxford 5 build garden pond oxford 6


Pond 4: An arch-shaped Garden Pond with stylish geometry. Click any image to enlarge. Click large image for 'prev' and 'next'garden ponds built 1 garden ponds built 2 garden ponds built 3 build garden pond oxfordshire 3 build garden pond oxfordshire 05



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Pond 5: Large Garden Pond featuring a statue mounted fountain and with a sunken filter. Click any image to enlarge. Click inside large image for 'prev' and 'next'build pond oxfordshire 1 build pond oxfordshire 2 build pond oxfordshire 3 build pond oxfordshire 4 build pond oxfordshire 5 build pond oxfordshire 6

build pond oxfordshire 7 build pond oxfordshire 8 build pond oxfordshire 9 build pond oxfordshire 10build pond oxfordshire 11build pond oxfordshire 12


Pond 6: Square raised Garden Pond. Click any image to enlarge. Click large image for 'prev' and 'next'pond building oxfordshire 1build garden pond oxfordshire build pond oxfordshire 01pond building oxfordshire 5

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Pond 7: An agricultural irrigation pond, requiring the digger An underlay replaces concrete on large ponds. Click any image to enlarge and for 'prev'/'next' options.

oxford pond design 1 oxford pond design 2 oxford pond design 3 oxford pond design 4 oxford pond design 5 oxford pond design 6




Pond 8: Replacing the old Pond with a more organic shape, with waterfall. Garden path replaced. Click any image to enlarge. Click large image for 'prev'/'next' pond design oxford 1 pond design oxfordshire 1 pond design oxfordshire 3 pond design oxfordshire 4 pond design oxfordshire 5 pond design oxfordshire 6

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Pond 9: Pond for a Primary School. Dug, underlayed, lined, dressed with slabs and fenced. The Pond was later filled and the grasses planted by the Children.oxfordshire pond construction 1 oxfordshire pond construction 2 oxfordshire pond construction 3 oxfordshire pond construction 6oxfordshire pond construction 4 oxfordshire pond construction 5

oxfordshire pond construction 7 oxfordshire pond construction 8 oxfordshire pond construction 9 oxfordshire pond construction 10 oxfordshire pond construction 11



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Pond 10: A raised pond replaces a sunken one to facilitate easy Koi management. Click any image to enlarge, and for 'prev'/'next' options.build garden pond oxfordshire 1 build garden ponds oxford 2 build garden ponds oxford 3 build garden pond oxford



Pond 11: The Denchworth Pond's Home Pond at Denchworth. A 15' brook leads to a waterfall, feeding a 45' Pond teeming with happy Koi.denchworthponds1 denchworthponds 2 denchworthponds 3 denchworthponds 4denchworth ponds 6

denchworthponds 11 denchworthponds6denchworthponds 7denchworthponds 8 denchworthponds 9 denchworthponds 10
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