and pond rebuilding

Pond Refurbishments represent a wide range of projects, from purely cosmetic makeovers to virtual Rebuilds. Click on one of the representative images below, to see each job in much greater photographic detail. Clicking on any image in a project set will enlarge the image. Click within the enlarged image to see 'Prev' and 'Next' images in that project set.

rebuild pond oxfordshire 9rebuild pond oxfordshire 11rebuild pond oxfordshire 13rebuild pond oxfordshire 14rebuild pond oxfordshire 15rebuild pond oxfordshire 16rebuild pond oxfordshire 17rebuild pond oxfordshire 18

Pond Refurbishment 1: Golf Course Pond with an Island. Concrete pond floor replaced, white underlay installed, pond liner replaced, edge dressing repointed. refurbish pond 1 refurbish pond oxfordshire 2 refurbish pond oxfordshire 3 refurbish pond oxfordshire 4 refurbish pond oxfordshire 5 refurbish pond oxfordshire 6

refurbish pond oxfordshire 7 refurbish pond oxfordshire 8 refurbish pond oxfordshire 9 refurbish ponds oxfordshire 10 pond refurbishment 11 pond refurbishment oxfordshire










Pond refurbishment 2: lower level pond shape resculpted and edge redressed. pond liner replaced.rebuild pond oxfordshire 1 rebuild pond oxfordshire 2 rebuild pond oxfordshire 5 rebuild pond oxfordshire 3




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Pond Refurbishment 3: Oxford University Master's Pond: Liner replaced, edging slates repointed. Click to enlarge, click inside large for 'prev' & 'next'

rebuild pond oxfordshire 20 rebuild pond oxfordshire 21 rebuild pond oxfordshire 23 rebuild pond oxfordshire 24 rebuild pond oxfordshire 25 rebuild pond oxfordshire 26







Pond Refurbishment 4: Pond Liner replaced, edge dressing stonework and Waterfall added.refurb pond oxford 1 refurb pond oxford 2 refurb pond oxford 2 refurb pond oxford 4


Pond Refurbishment 5: Lining replaced, raised wall rebuilt, fountain installed.repair ponds oxfordshire 5pond repair oxford 1




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Pond Refurbishment 6: Lining replaced & Waterfall watercourse repointed, while Koi are safe in holding tankpond repair oxfordshire 16pond repair oxfordshire 37pond repairs oxfordshire 38 pond repair oxfordshire 39






Pond Refurbishment 7: Retrofitting a new Pump and Filtration system. Click to enlarge. pond repair oxfordshire 40repair pond oxfordshire 1repair pond oxford 47repair pond oxfordshire 42repair pond oxfordshire 43

repair pond oxfordshire 44repair pond oxfordshire 45repair pond oxfordshire 46













Pond Refurbishment 8: Pond Liner replaced. Click any image to enlarge.repair pond oxford 1repair pond in oxfordpond repairs in oxford
























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